You are invited to partner with First Church of Christ in accomplishing the work of God.  Our
mission is
"to help all people to know and become like Jesus by using every resource
and opportunity God makes available, through the power of the Holy Spirit".
accordance with the example given us by the New-Testament Church, we operate on
free-will offerings and tithes from those whose hearts are committed to supporting God's
work.  We believe the words of Jesus:
"Give and it will be given to you;"  Luke 6:38
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300 Main St.   Elkins WV   304-636-1590
First Church of Christ
Ways to support First Church of Christ
Ways to give:

Send gift by U.S. Mail
Gifts may be mailed to:  First Church of Christ     300 Main Street    Elkins WV

Sunday Morning & Evening Worship Service
Free-will offerings may be placed in the collection plate during the worship service.