About Our Area
Nestled between lofty mountains and thick forests, Elkins is a picturesque refuge from a
hectic world. With less than 45 miles between Elkins and three major ski resorts it is already
well known as the place to stay while enjoying great skiing east of the Mississippi River,
including Canaan Valley Resort and Snowshoe Resort. While it may be a skier’s paradise,
Elkins also sits right outside the Monongahela National Forest, making it ideal for outdoor
enthusiasts year-round. The hardwood forests of oak, birch, spruce, and maple beckon
visitors with activities like spelunking, hiking, birding, fishing, hunting, and whitewater rafting.
Close by are state parks such as Blackwater Falls and Holly River State Park. Spruce Knob,
the highest point in the state, is a short drive from Elkins and its alpine setting has attracted
animals rarely seen elsewhere in the region.  We are home to Davis and Elkins College with
several historic buildings on campus including Graceland Inn and Halliehurst Hall.  Elkins is
noted for the Mountain State Forest Festival, Augusta Festival, American Mountain Theatre
and the Tygart Flyer Scenic Railroad. For more information click on the link below.
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300 Main St.   Elkins WV   304-636-1590
First Church of Christ
Map and Directions
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